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Video brief introduction and evaluation。Video brief introduction and evaluationVideo brief introduction and evaluationVideo brief introduction and evaluation

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  • The ideal water temperature for a PVC extruder is between 50 and 60 °C. The strip can easily break if it is too low, and it can readily stick if it is too high. When first beginning the machine, it is advisable to add half of the hot water. In order to prevent the strips from breaking, it will be...
  • 1. A single screw is included in the plastic PVC extruder to ensure the greatest plasticizing quality. 2. Cocaine won’t be present in the typical application field; 3.This device’s performance is 50% better than that of other brands of the same type when the same conditions apply; 4.T...
  • Zhangjiagang Plastic Industry Association work injury prevention and safety training project is launched in Faygo union At 9 o’clock on August 18, 2021, Zhangjiagang Plastic Industry Association Secretariat and the people’s office leader, leading Zhangjiagang Work injury to prevent safety produc...