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Video brief introduction and evaluation。Video brief introduction and evaluationVideo brief introduction and evaluationVideo brief introduction and evaluation

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  • FAYGO UNION GROUP, a leader in innovative solutions, is proud to present our exceptional large diameter PVC pipe production line. This advanced system caters to the diverse needs of the agricultural, constructional plumbing, and cable laying industries, offering the ability to produce UPVC pipes ...
  • Single wall corrugated pipe is a kind of plastic pipe with both internal and external corrugations, which can improve the strength and flexibility of the pipe. Single wall corrugated pipe is widely used in various fields, such as electrical threading, automotive wiring, sheath, machine tool, pack...
  • A conical twin screw extruder is a type of twin screw extruder that has two screws arranged in a conical shape, tapering towards the discharge end of the extruder. This design provides a gradual reduction in the screw channel volume, resulting in increased pressure and improved compounding. A con...